Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MS INSURANCE Bill of Rights - Ready to go

MISSISSIPPI LEGISLATURE 2007 Regular Session To: Insurance By: Representative Peranich, Fleming, Gibbs, Guice, Ishee, Janus, Lane, Mayo, McBride, Simpson, Upshaw House Bill 1237 ...

Lawmakers to Address Insurance Rates

Florida lawmakers are heading back to the state capital to prepare for the opening day of the special session Tuesday.

Is Homeowner Insurance An Entitlement?

According to Mike Thomas (columnist for The Orlando Sentinel), homeowner insurance is about to become an entitlement under the homeowner insurance pla ... From: Not Made Of Money.

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. Selects Exstream's Dialogue Software Software, announced that The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.(NYSE: THG), one the top 35 property and casualty insurers in the United States, has selected its Dialogue software as a common platform to ...

More Americans Dying From Lack of Health Insurance Than In Iraq

From OpEdNews By Sherwood Ross More Americans are dying needlessly every day in the United States because of President Bush’s failure to provide universal health coverage than are being killed in the fighting in Iraq.

Re: Disquieting Information/UPS Insurance!

Best answer? Don't use UPS, use DHL instead. Heck, just about anything but Fedex and UPS is better. USPS would be better, but I don't think you could ship it that way.

LIBERTY: Thinkin’ bout “social security insurance”. Ugh! December 17, 1998 Chile’s Social Security Lesson For The US by José Piñera.


Had my quote....gone up nearly 20%....No claims for 20 value gone up sky high....RIP OFF ! there.

First Slated Project in Butuan: KaSapi Health Insurance and Credit ...

Nine days until I go! Got in touch with Paulette Cha, the coordinator for the Credit with Health Insurance project. I'll be working with her to monitor and help expand the project in Northern Mindanao and Leyte.

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